Having Your Carpets Smell Fresh - San Bernardino, CA

When we're done with cleaning a client's carpet, we make sure to leave it with a refreshed and odor-less smell...and it's not just spraying some Febreze on the cleaned areas after we've finished the job.

Most of the time, clients are able to smell a scent that's made up of either citrus or lemon...



Over the last few years, however, we've worked with a few other types of scented deodorizers that previous clients have enjoyed, and ones that would probably be never expected to use while performing a carpet cleaning service.

- Mango Melon

- Vanilla Bean

- Cherry

There's even one that has the carpet smelling like a freshly-baked pizza!

Just kidding, that hasn't even happened... but I would be a little bit surprised if this were to become an actual deodorizer one day.


In conclusion, we make sure to have our client's cleaned carpet left with a smell that will bring a smile to their face, and helps allow them to feel more relaxed in their home.

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