Important Facts About Soiled Carpets - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Soil (or dirt), the four letter word that is a scourge to our clients. Some of our clients will often develop some creative verbiage for describing the soil in the carpet, such as "who spilled this %#*^ all over my new carpet!"

At other times, they are more civilized and only refer to the dirt as filth, grime, crud, or just yuk.

Problems Caused By Soil

Soil wears out a carpet prematurely - Next to a car or a home, the investment in the carpet and upholstery may be the highest that a consumer will make. Excess soil will destroy that investment in four ways.

1) While today's quality fibers will resist heavy wear, they are still exposed to the soil that if not removed on periodic basis will cause them to "ugly out".

2) Most of the soil, whether it is tracked in, food spills, or atmosphere pollution, is acidic. Acid gases passing over the carpet and eventually reacting with the dyes cause fume fading.

3) Oxidized oils and the resins they form will begin to yellow and eventually weaken a carpet fiber. Oils that were on the fiber become part of the fiber.

4) Abrasive soil, the sand and grit that is tracked in on a daily basis, will cause the fibers to be scratched and abraded. This wear on the fibers will reflect light differently and therefore will give the carpet a worn look.

Soil is ugly - Another problem caused by soil is the aesthetics. Soiled carpet looks bad.

Unsanitary - Spills, stains, grease, oil, and animal trackings are unsanitary. A soiled carpet is a perfect breeding ground for any number of bacteria and pathogens.

It is no longer a good idea to let the carpet go as long as possible between cleanings. The carpet acts as a filter for all types of soil and indoor pollutants such as animal dander, dust, pollen, VOC's and even biological pollutants. This is a benefit as long as the filter is cleaned regularly.

Sources of Soiling

From outside the home - Shoes and animals will bring in a high degree of soil from cars that drip grease and oil, factories that emit pollution, soil from yards and gardens, asphalt, which will turn carpet yellow, and many other sources. Thus, the reasoning behind the fact that most dry soil in the home is found at the main entries. This can be reduced by the use of doormats, the removal of shoes, etc.

Air borne pollutants from many sources also enter the home each time the door is opened.

From inside the home - The inside soil comes from many sources. Hair, human and animal: Clothes, lint, and fibers: Skin, yes we do shed: Body oils, humans and animals: Cooking oils, it would surprise you to know how much oil is actually deposited in the air when you dry two pounds of hamburger on the stove. These eventually settle to the carpet. The better the cook, the quicker the soils build up in the home. As for the food spills, people can be very creative with food spills.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read all of this valuable and important information.

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