Preparing for A Visit from Esmerio's Master Carpet Care - Diamond Bar, CA

If you are located in Diamond Bar, California, and this is the first time you are being visited by the MONSTER, there is no need for panic or fear when preparing for the day we come out to clean your carpet, upholstery, or any required areas.

Here are the easiest steps that you can follow:

- Remove any valuable, breakable, or electronic items from the areas to be cleaned and from the path between the cleaning areas and the door.

- Mark any spots that need extra attention - stains, spots, odors or areas that may need repair - so that they are easily identifiable for us upon arrival. Sticky notes or colored tape work well.

- We always respect your privacy and will not open doors that are closed in your home. If you would like the carpets in your closets or any room cleaned, please be sure that the door is open and that you inform us that you want the area cleaned. Remove all moveable items (e.g. toys, shoes, etc.) from the floor of all rooms to be cleaned, including any closets, before the technician arrives.

- We will need access to a water hook-up, so please be sure that the property has water service on the date of the clean.

- We will need to park our large van as close to an entry as possible. Please be sure that a parking spot is available and that other vehicles, bikes, etc. are not blocking the area. We need a clear driving corridor to and from the parking spot to ensure that there is no damage to any of your personal property.

Be aware that we clean by hot-water extraction with our truckmounted unit. The carpets and/or upholstery will be damp when we are completed with the cleaning. We will leave plastic booties for you and your family to slip over your shoes if you need to walk on the carpets before they are completely dry. You must leave the property ventilated until carpets are completely dry. Cracking windows is generally sufficient. If speed drying is necessary, we also place a high-powered fan in any single particular area, if not all of them.

- Pets should be removed from the areas to be cleaned during your appointment and until the carpets are dry. They can be placed in a bathroom, or any other area that is not required to be cleaned. An outside entry (front door/garage entrance) to your home will be open during the cleaning to allow our hose access, so pets need to be confined away from the carpets, not just let outside.

And once we arrive, we'll be able to start the cleaning process right away!

If you have any questions on any of our services, or if we can be of further assistance to you, feel free to call us at (800) 848-8385 or visit our website to learn more!

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